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UO Active Minds is looking for a New Logo!!

This contest runs from April 29, 2014 until June  2, 2014 by 10pm

All submissions:
Must be submitted via email to:
Submit the following:
1 PDF copy for each design
1 Illustrator File must not be protected and must be editable for
each design.
You may submit as many logo design as you would like, as long as
You follow the rules listed below and requirements.

***For the Banner Logo, Please send us an email requesting the Illustrator File, By us sending you the illustrator file you agree to abide by the University Standards of Marketing, this is a trademark material and can only be used within the guidelines in this contest. Upon submitting your contest submission you agree to delete the illustrator file and any other copies you have created.***

The new logo should use the following:
New Name: Student Mental Health Advocates (S.M.H.A.)

Logo Requirements:
1. Logo should be designed using blue and green, on a white or transparent background. Black is allowed for outlines, shadows, text, and other minor shading.
2. Blue and green should be hex colors #000099 and #009900. Black should be #000000.
3. It is suggested that you create your logo in a vector-based program such as Adobe Illustrator or alternate.
4.Please submit two logos versions as below: and the optional t-shirt contest design.

First Logo: To be used for Facebook Profile Page, Twitter, Instagram, letterhead, dimensions are open so as long as they can be adjusted in the file you submit.
1) The logo can entail the entire name Student Mental Health Advocate or (S.M.H.A) or can have a stand-alone image. The Image must fit the dimensions of the social media sites above.
2) Please adhere to the color schema’s above, Font should be: BASKERVILLE and uniformed across the entire logo.
3) Your logo can be the same for both but it just has to fit within the dimensions as stated above.
4) This is the current Logo:

UO Active Minds


This logo is used for our Banner, which will be printed in a banner size and displayed throughout the year in all of our events and tabling. Request the Illustrator file by emailing us at
1) This logo should have the entire name no abbreviations.
A. Student Mental Health Advocates
2) The only editable part should be in the white area the :O should remain intact with University of Oregon
3) You do not have to design two separate logos, you can incorporate your previous logo into this design.
4) Font Should be: BASKERVILLE
5) The slogan: “ Be an Advocate, Be a Friend, Be a Duck!” optional and it is up to your discretion to use it or not.
6) Color schema should be followed for this logo as well.






Do you have a great idea, for a t-shirt design for your newly created logo, submit one, these t-shirts will be given to our executive board as well as sell them to collect money for our organization.

1) Include your new logo somewhere on there.
2) T-Shirt Design can encompass anything related to UOAM.
3) Color Schema of your choice, please remember each color added we must pay for, the more colors used the more expensive the t-shirt lets keep it simple but entertaining.



Need Ideas on what we do, our events, our news check out our website and social media accounts.

You are also free to attend our meeting on Monday at 6pm in Lillis 112 to ask us questions or show us what you have been working on or to give you more info ideas on what we are looking for.

The final decision will be made by our Executive Board and we will be announcing your new logo during our Last Event of the Year: Stomp Out the Stigma. If you submit your design soon we may even include it during UO Stress Less Spring 2014 a collaborative effort between the U of O and UO Active Minds, S.M.H.A
Thank you for your help, and good Luck!