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Since the beginning of our establishment in 2011, Active Minds has made a great impact at the University of Oregon! We continue to work and advocate for YOU the students at the University of Oregon.  Some of our greatest achievements and continued events are:

UO Stress Less created during FALL 2013!




Body Image in partnership with UCTC


Stomp out the Stigma


NAMI On Campus!

Make a Friend Mixer created Fall 2013!



We have had fun starting the conversation about mental health at the U of O, through our social and educational events we feel we have made an impact. We are recognized on campus as a Student Led Organization working for the Students at the University of Oregon. While we are not funded 100% and are dependent on the generosity of our sponsors, friends and family we are even more dependent on YOU the community. We do what we do because of YOU, as we move forward we hope that you will join us and keep in touch with all of us here at UOAM, we are changing our name not our platform or our mission!



We have a new name:

Student. Mental. Health. Advocates was established at the U of O to continue the mission of UO Active Minds. This brand is owned entirely by the University of Oregon students, our logo has been designed by Sara Hsu and the logo below has been created by Nicole Wong. We are changing our name but we are not changing our mission, you can continue to help, and be part of the cause by following us on our new website! http://www.uoSMHA.org or clicl on the logo below to be taken there directly!


Our Social Media is still here:

Facebook: UOSMHA

Twitter: UOSMHA

Instagram: UOSMHA

Tumblr: UOSMHA 






UO SMHA Founders:

It was a lot of hard work, but we worked hard and we established UO SMHA so future generations of Advocates would have a brand they would own completely and be able to grow it and maintain it to better fit and suit the University community. The founders worked very hard to get things changed around and we look forward to the success from future advocates, learn more about us by clicking here: https://uoactiveminds.org/execs/